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Probably the most adorable child there ever was. My only regret is that my mom didn't force me into being a child actor.


I've been a lot of things. Well-behaved baby, obscenely adorable toddler, husky and bucktoothed youth, unathletic Jew who turned into a slightly athletic Jew, cocky frat boi, feminist woke boy, right-wing troll, and whatever I am right now.

Throughout, one thing has remained constant:

I am a Comedian.

I've been performing over 4 years now. I have stock piled a pretty diverse array of material over that time.

I can do a whole set clean without even a curse, or I can bring a group of feminists to full froth; and everything in between.


You had to be there...context is key.

Expert at performing in front of wheels

Husky Bucktooth

Mentally Stable Thot

Always Promote

Effective Hand Gestures

Woke Boy