Probably the most adorable child there ever was. My only regret is that my mom didn't force me into being a child actor.


I've been a lot of things. Well-behaved baby, obscenely adorable toddler, husky and bucktoothed youth, unathletic Jew who turned into a slightly athletic Jew, cocky frat boi, feminist woke boy, right-wing troll, and whatever I am right now.

Throughout, one thing has remained constant:

I am a Comedian.

I've been performing over 4 years now. I have stock piled a pretty diverse array of material over that time.

I can do a whole set clean without even a curse, or I can bring a group of feminists to full froth; and everything in between.


You had to be there...context is key.

Expert at performing in front of wheels

Husky Bucktooth

Mentally Stable Thot

Always Promote

Effective Hand Gestures

Woke Boy

Created with (I don't think I'm obligated to include that but it's a nice gesture)